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Hosted by Mike van Zandwijk and Ronald Scherpenisse

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The Magic of 64: Celebration Special


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  21-06-2024

In this special 64th episode from Technosoof, Ronald and Mike celebrate with discussions on the historical and technological significance of '64', covering 64-bit computing, the Commodore 64, and 64 years of Artificial Intelligence. Also: special subscription offers and reflection on past episodes a...

Cold Calling: AI Powered with Victor Bonke


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  07-06-2024

Enhance your Cold Calling skills with AI and Victor Bonke’s expertise. Tune in to Digital Dialogue for an insightful discussion with Victor, author of "Koud Bellen: AI-powered" on the nuances of cold calling. Explore the impact of AI on sales strategies, grasp the RATRACE framework for effective o...

Uh-oh: Recall Google Glasses?


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  24-05-2024

Delve into Google I/O’s AR glasses, Microsoft Build’s AI Recorder and Recall, OpenAI's multimodal GPT4o. Plus, unravel the Sam Saga: the clash between Sam Altman’s IP and Scarlett Johansson’s voice rights. ????Ep. 62 shownotes ????

Premium Memory: Rebrand New Era


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  10-05-2024

New AI-memory, our rebranding and website improvements take center stage alongside premium content, subscriptions, and MKBHD’s brutally honest tech review of Rabbit R1/Humane AI Pin. We contemplate the future of AR and the role of Meta vs. Apple. Ep. 61 shownotes |

Meet Sky: the Birth of a Digital Identity


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  26-04-2024

Digital entities and AI-powered assistants are reshaping our digital age. Join us as we delve into the emergence of Sky, a groundbreaking digital presence that challenges our understanding of identity and interaction. This episode navigates through the unexpected hurdles of social media recognit...

AI Integration Invasion: Sora, Higgsfield & Google Vids


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  12-04-2024

Dive into Higgsfield’s challenge, OpenAI’s Sora, and Google Vids in this episode of Digital Dialogues with Ronald and Mike. We’re exploring the future of AI, including AI models that transfer knowledge at lightning speed. Ep. 59 shownotes |

AI app stores | Microsoft "awkhires" Inflection | WeWork's future


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  29-03-2024

We dissect strategic AI moves: Microsoft’s ‘acquihire’ of Inflection.AI is a game-changer, and Apple’s rumored entry into the AI App Store arena echoes OpenAI’s GPT Store challenges. And don’t overlook WeWork—the controversy-laden company with untapped potential. Ep. 58 shownotes | Tec...

New Frontiers in AI & Robotics: Devin and Figure 01


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  15-03-2024

Meet Devin, the brilliant AI Software Engineer from Cognition, and its humanoid robo-buddy Figure 01. Discover the speed at which AI’s learning algorithms share and replicate knowledge, revolutionizing industries. We explore AI’s possibilities and ethical considerations, including privacy and bi...

AI in a Box: Meta, Mistral and Multilingual Copilots


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  01-03-2024

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, hosts Mike and Ronald explore the world of AI and technology, discussing its impact on various fields and the legal and ethical issues surrounding it. We share the latest news from tech giants like OpenAI and Microsoft, including the upcoming Dutch language supp...

The Silent Revolution of AI for ISVs


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  16-02-2024

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, Mike and Ronald explore the impact of AI on the software industry, especially on the independent software vendors (ISVs). We discuss how AI is changing the way software is developed, distributed, and consumed, and how it is creating new opportunities and challen...

Guide Your Team to Success by special guest Erwin Hartenberg


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  02-02-2024

Join Ronald, Mike, and special guest star Erwin Hartenberg in this week’s episode of Digital Dialogues. Dive into the future of work as we discuss the role of AI in shaping hybrid work environments. Learn from Hartenberg, author of “Guide Your Team to Success”, as he shares his insights on how...

Pro Rabbits Pulled Out of the CES Hat


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  19-01-2024

In this episode we explore the latest and greatest innovations in AI, VR, and AR that were unveiled at CES 2024. We discuss how Microsoft Copilot Pro can help you write better and faster, and how Rabbit R1, the voice-controlled device that can interact with various apps and services, can make your l...

Happy Tech Year! Innovations in 2024 and Beyond


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  05-01-2024

Welcome to Digital Dialogues, the tech podcast where Mike and Ronald discuss the trends and developments in technology, AI, and mixed reality. In this episode, we share our predictions and expectations for 2024 and talk about: The rise of smartglasses and how they might transform the way we interact...

AI Horizon: 2023’s sunset & 2024’s dawn


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  22-12-2023

Revisit the pivotal moments of AI in 2023 and discover what lies ahead in the new year. We analyze AI’s integration for ISVs in modern applications and speculate on its next big leap. Also: Suno.AI, CloudExpo 2023, and an interview with Netgear on the M6 Pro Ep. 51 shownotes | ⁠⁠

Gemini’s Glimpse: Google’s AI Breakthrough


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  08-12-2023

Google Gemini’s breakthrough AI technology takes center stage in this episode of ‘Digital Dialogues.’ Discover how Microsoft Loop is redefining teamwork and delve into the future of robotics and AGI. For the latest insights and a deep dive into these innovations, subscribe and stay informed Ep...

OpenMigrªⁱne | DD23W47


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  24-11-2023

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, your hosts Ronald and Mike discuss the latest news and developments in the world of AI and technology with this time's topics: The saga of Sam Altman’s departure and return as the CEO of OpenAI, and what it means for the future of the AI research organization....

Transformative Upgrade(s) | DD23W45


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  10-11-2023

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, Mike and Ronald discuss various topics related to technology and innovation. They talk about the speed of innovation at OpenAI and the recent Transformative Upgrade and the impact on existing ISVs using OpenAI technologies announced during OpenAI DevDay #1. Epis...

Microsoft AR Smartglasses & GPT4-Vision | DD23W43


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  27-10-2023

In this episode, Mike and Ronald discuss the latest news and trends in the field of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and chatbots. We analyze the patent filed by Microsoft for a new AR smartglasses device that could compete with Apple and Meta. We also share the results of a research stud...

Stream F1 to your Apple or Ray-Ban | DD23W40


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  06-10-2023

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, Ronald and Mike discuss various topics related to technology and innovation. We talk about the history and features of Photoshop, the Express version as app of the week, and how it has enabled powerful and creative image editing. We also explore the news about...

Microsoft Copilot | DD23W39


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  29-09-2023

In this episode, Mike and Ronald dive into the topic of Microsoft Copilot, a suite of AI-powered features that aim to transform the way we work with various applications and data sources. We discuss how Copilot is different from previous technology adoption, what are the challenges and opportunities...

TechFest | DD23W38


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  22-09-2023

In deze boeiende aflevering van Digital Dialogues duiken we in de wereld van technologische innovatie en ontdekking. Gastheren Ronald en Mike nemen je mee op een reis door de nieuwste trends en ontwikkelingen in de technologie, met speciale aandacht voor kunstmatige intelligentie. De aflevering begi...

International Broadcast Conference 2023 | DD23W37


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  15-09-2023

In this special edition of "Digital Dialogues," Episode 23W37, join Ronald as he takes you on a virtual tour to IBC 2023 RAI Amsterdam. Though a shorter episode, it's packed with insightful glimpses into the event, mirroring the heartbeat of the tech community. The spotlight shines on Jeroen Heersch...

Race in Tech | DD23W36


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  08-09-2023

Unleash the pace of innovation with Digital Dialogues episode 23W36 titled "Race in Tech." In this episode, Mike and Ronald delve into a variety of topics. We start by discussing the latest developments in AI, exploring the competition among tech giants, and sharing their insights on the term “rac...

Post Summer Pulse | DD23W35


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  01-09-2023

As the summer breeze transitioned into the cozy ambience of autumn, Mike and Ronald embarked on a new journey, reigniting the digital sphere with fresh episodes of Digital Dialogues. This weekly live stream on LinkedIn Live delves into riveting discussions, exploring the confluence of technology, cr...

Summer Recess | DD23W24


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  16-06-2023

In this episode, Mike and Ronald have a trip down memory (podcast) lane. Hear great memories while they talk about interesting topics before they start their 2-month Summer Recess (=Zomerstop) Shownotes for this episode can be found here or check out our homepage at

Afl. 20: Apple Vision Pro, the Immersed Episode


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  09-06-2023

In this episode Technosoof Mike and Ronald share their opinions on the Apple Visio Pro and more. Read the most recent shownotes in this post or check out our homepage at PS. The unmentioned cliffhanger is Vuzix.

Microsoft Build is all about AI with Copilot | DD23W21


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  26-05-2023

This episode is all about Microsoft Build: the annual conference for software developers. No surprise that the central theme evolves around Copilot as Microsoft's umbrella term for its AI implementation. ⁠Read the up-to-date show notes here⁠⁠⁠ or check our ⁠⁠⁠homepage at

Global impact of AI | DD23W20


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  19-05-2023

Read the up-to-date show notes here⁠ or check our ⁠homepage at⁠. In this episode Ronald talks about the impact of AI, since Mike was absent. App(s) of the week. + SongR Writers union holding Hollywood in a gridlock Google plans to make search more personal with AI chat,...

AI as IBM: International Business Machines | DD23W18


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  05-05-2023

Read the most recent shownotes here or check our homepage at In deze aflevering geeft Mike een nieuwe betekenis aan de B in IBM. En natuurlijke ontbreken de gebruikelijke onderwerpn als GenArt en App of ther week niet. Word of the Week: Code Interpreter. GenArt of the Week: The Great...

Afl. 19: The evolution of audio innovation w/ special guest: Albert Deinum


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  28-04-2023

Read the ⁠the most recent shownotes here⁠ or check our homagepage at ⁠⁠ In deze aflevering van de Technosoof filosoferen Mike en Ronald samen Albert Deinum. Ze kijken naar de innovaties op het gebied van audio, stereotorens, Zune MP3 speler, draaitafels en natuurlijk ontbreken...

The Explosive Everything App in the AI Jungle | DD23W17


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  21-04-2023

Read the up-to-date show notes here or check our homepage at In this episode we talk about LangChain, Agent as Tools for Large Language Models like GPT. Word of the Week: The Everything App versus AaaAI . GenArt of the Week: (1) Explosive, AI Pause and Elon and (2) Sam and Elon the AI...

Auto(self) Prompting w/ Ada & a spark of unicorn | DD23W16


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  14-04-2023

Read the up-to-date show notes here⁠ or check ⁠our homepage at⁠ In this episode we talk about self-prompting AIs like Auto-GPT and AgentGPT. Aside from this main topic, we also: Introduce Ada, the new digital companion of Ava A new category: GenArt of the Week The App of the Wee...

ChatPDF, GPT Gold Rush and Robotics | DD23W14


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  07-04-2023

Read the up-to-date show notes here or check our homepage at In this episode we talk about the ChatGPT "Gold Rush", the new ChatPDF app tip, an update on the Business Experiment ran by AI as CEO and robotics. Show notes Aisthetic Store Substack GPT dialogues Disney Robotics SXSW2023 U...

Afl. 18: To Pause or Not to Pause. Een AI-innovatiepauze?


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  31-03-2023

In deze aflevering van de Technosoof podcast filosoferen Mike en Ronald over de mogelijkheid van een innovatiepauze voor AI. Ze bespreken de mogelijke gevolgen van de snelle ontwikkeling van AI en of een pauze inlassen nog kan. Verder: komt die XR-bril van Apple er nu wel of niet en is die echt $300...

Adoption, ChatGPT Plugins & the Dunning-Kruger Effect | DD23W13


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  24-03-2023

Check⁠ our most recent shownotes here⁠ or visit our homepage at ⁠⁠ Word of the week: Adoption, API of Plugin? Plugin was het woord van de week(13). App of the week: Tavus. Tavus is the only video personalization platform with the power to take what you rec...

Your own copilot | DD23W12


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  17-03-2023

See⁠ this post with the most actual shownotes⁠ or check ⁠⁠ Welcome to week 12 of 2023 where your cohosts Ronald and Mike will bring you up to speed (in Dutch) of last week's developments in tech. This week's main topic and breaking news: Microsoft 365 Copilot In other t...

Everything's a REMIX | DD23W11


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  10-03-2023

Read ⁠this post for the latest shownotes⁠ or check our homepage at ⁠⁠ This week's main topic is: remixing because everything is a remix Kirby Ferguson about REMIX (⁠see YouTube video⁠) Support ⁠The Everything is a REMIX webshop⁠ Use the Corporate ⁠Metaverse of Synergy...

Potential of ChatGPT | DD23W10


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  03-03-2023

Read⁠ this post with the most actual shownotes⁠ or check out our homepage at ⁠⁠ ChatGPT API OpenAI Terms of Use Denis Rothman Jump Start ChatGPT with OpenAI API ChatML,...

AI wars: Google vs. Microsoft | DD23W09


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  24-02-2023

Read the latest shownotes in this post⁠ or check our homepage at ⁠⁠ Bullshit Jobs David Graeber Nieuwe Bing Apps iOS en Android en de Bing ervaring... Google en Microsoft, "Why Google Was Smart To Let Microsoft Launch First\ Meta in...

ChatGPT powered Bing | DD23W08


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  17-02-2023

Mike en Ronald praten in deze aflevering van Digital Dialogues over: De eerste ervaring met ChatGPT powered Bing search

Two titans fighting the AI battle | DD23W07


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  10-02-2023

Due to a customer meeting at Friday February 10th 17:00. This episode is recorded Tuesday 7th 12:00 CET. The Heat is On. In this episode of Digital Dialogues Mike and Ronald Talk about Google and Microsoft and recent announcements related to AI services and investments. Similarities and Differences....

Power of AI and XR | DD23W06


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  03-02-2023

Show notes GAN is de term waar Mike niet op kwam.  Waarbij twee neurale netwerken min of meer tegen elkaar concurreren is GAN: Generative adversarial network Gartner

Is AI nearing a key tipping point? | DD23W05


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  27-01-2023

Mike en Ronald over The Tipping Point en of AI en in het bijzonder ChatGPT het tipping point bereikt heeft?

Microsoft OpenAI update | DD23W04


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  20-01-2023

This week we continue our conversation on  OpenAI and ChatGPT, The professional is to expected to be priced at $42 / month. The Free plan still exists. Rumour is a Boss mode subscription between 50k-700k+ words  with 700k words at $500/month specific for blogger and content marketers, with a 5 day...

OpenAI's ChatGPT Professional and the $20B Microsoft question | DD23W03


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  13-01-2023

This week we dive into ⁠OpenAI⁠'s ChatGPT, its ⁠announced Professional license⁠ and the ⁠new $20 billion investment by Microsoft⁠. Shownotes: ⁠Digital Dialogues 2023 week 3: OpenAI’s ChatGPT Professional and the $10 billion question – De Technosoof Are you looking for a quick and e...

Afl. 17: Match made in heaven? ChatGPT van OpenAI en Microsoft's Bing


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  08-01-2023

Een match made in heaven: ChatGPT van OpenAI en Microsoft's Bing in de Technosoof-podcast? Deze naam maakt duidelijk welke tools deze aflevering behandelen en het gebruikt allitererende woorden om het aantrekkelijker te maken. Het gebruikt ook het uitdrukking "match made in heaven" om te suggereren...

Afl. 16: AI co-host Ava helpt met jaaroverzicht en toekomstblik


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  20-12-2022

In deze vierde en laatste aflevering van 2022, stellen we je voor aan Ava: de naam die ChatGPT zélf heeft verzonnen toen "ze" hoorde dat Ronald en Mike haar graag als co-host wilden. We blikken terug op 2022 en stellen dat we wellicht -onderschatten- wat er de komende 2 jaar op ons afkomt. Shownote...

Afl. 15: Gids(en) in de wereld van technologie, in gesprek met Freek Teunen


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  17-08-2022

In deze zomeraflevering, voor een keer zonder Mike van Zandwijk, is Freek Teunen CCO bij Wintor te gast.  Hij spreekt met Ronald Scherpenisse over VR en AR.  Freek is de schrijver van het boek "VR door een zakelijke bril" en was chapter president bij de VRARA Netherlands (VR/AR  Association). Fre...

Afl. 14: Ai, it's AI


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  25-07-2022

In deze 14e aflevering van De Technosoof staat Artificial Intelligence centraal. Oftewel: AI. We verkennen het spectrum van een dystopische toekomst en een iets meer utopische toekomst waarin AI hopelijk ons nog op tijd kan helpen met grote maatschappelijke problemen zoals klimaatverandering. Showno...

Afl. 13: Shirley in Tech | met Fe+male Tech Heroes Marthe Doornbos en Iris Hertsenberg


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  14-06-2022

Live opgenomen tijdens de Fe+male Tech Heroes (FTH) conferentie op het High Tech Campus Eindhoven waar onze tafelgast Iris Hertsenberg naast Ronald en Mike onze andere tafelgast, Marthe Doornbos, in gesprek gaan over een hot topic: Women in Tech De titel gaat verder dan enkel vrouwen in tech en slaa...

Afl. 12: Gartner's Hype Cycle 2021 - volop AI maar nog geen (Tesla) bots en metaverse vreemd genoeg, maya...


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  28-09-2021

Afl. 12 (S03E03) waarin we de Gartner's Hype Cycle analyseren. Heel veel technologie gerelateerd aan Artificial Intelligence (AI) maar verrassend weinig bots, geen metaverse ... maya (knipoog naar de Most Advanced Yet Acceptable theorie)

Afl. 11: Van NFT naar Digital Twins en terug


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  31-08-2021

Luister in deze 11e aflevering over onze visie op Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) en Digital Twins. Shownotes (aanvullingen kunnen volgen) City Of Wellington  Digital Twins Building Cities of the Future Sodexo  Meetup in VR at Glue

Afl. 10: Workplaces in de Metaverse


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  03-08-2021

Nieuw seizoen, nieuwe stijl: rauw en ruw. Dus onbewerkt. In deze 10e aflevering (S03E01) hebben we het over digitale workplaces zoals Facebook Workplace en kort over Windows 365 met een cross-over naar ons virtuele paradepaardje: de Metaverse.  Shownotes volgen nog.

BONUS: Sonic Branding


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  11-05-2021

Een summer special als bonusaflevering om het nieuwe seizoen te vieren met ditmaal alles over Sonic Branding.

Afl. 9: The Big Switch - Facebook en Privacy


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  15-04-2021

In aflevering 9 filosoferen we over de gelekte interne memo van Facebook over privacy. De "Boz" van Reality Labs vergelijkt Facebook met de positie van Microsoft jaren geleden over security. Microsoft zou en moest security de grootste prioriteit maken om te overleven. Voor Facebook geldt hetzelfde,...

BONUS: Audio, huizen, NDI en de kast


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  18-03-2021

Alsjeblieft, een cadeautje van je technosofen Ronald en Mike. Waarom? Omdat je een flink stuk langer moest wachten op aflevering 8 (Forever Hybrid) die dus een stuk langer na de beoogde 28 dagen verscheen. Voel je trouwens geroepen om ons op Twitter ondertussen te bevragen of gewoon leuke gesprekken...

Afl. 8: Forever Hybrid


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  16-03-2021

In deze 8e aflevering filosoferen je hosts Ronald en Mike over onze nabije toekomst waarin alles in hybride vorm verschijnt. En wellicht voor altijd wel zo blijft. Shownotes: Browser Wars Microsoft vs. Netscape Oral History - YouTube Marc Andreessen on Why Software Is Eating the World - WSJ a16z Pod...

Climate Crisis: Insights w/ Maaike Reijlink


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  06-01-2021

Discussing the climate crisis with special guest Maaike Reijlink⁠. Explore the pressing environmental issues, potential solutions, and Maaike's unique perspective on tackling climate challenges ????Ep. 7 shownotes ????

The Gruen Effect: Dead Malls on a Xmas Eve Special


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  24-12-2020

Dive into the Gruen Effect this Christmas Eve with Ronald and Mike as they wrap up 2020 with a festive bang! Explore the maze of consumer behavior with insights from Victor Gruen and Ray Oldenburg, and unravel the mystery of Dead Malls. It’s a jolly journey through Wiki Rabbit Holes, Amazon’s ma...

Quick Cart: Amazon Go’s swift answer to Parkinson’s Law


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  17-11-2020

Amazon Go defies Parkinson’s Law in a shopping revolution—time is of the essence, and convenience is king. In this episode, we delve into the world of Amazon’s innovative retail solution that turns the tables on traditional shopping experiences. As Parkinson’s Law states, ‘work expands to...

Tech Tiers: Stepping Stones from AI to Spatial Computing


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  22-10-2020

AI, Spatial Computing, and beyond: we delve into the intricate world where technologies build upon one another. We explore how the revelations in ‘The Social Dilemma’ documentary and insights from the book ‘Infinite Retina’ on Spatial Computing lay the groundwork for the next leaps in Artifi...

Benford’s Law: Math’s Hidden Truth in Cars & Money


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  03-10-2020

Unveiling a mysterious phenomenon, this captivating third episode brings Benford’s Law to the forefront, inviting you to dive into the secrets of mathematics, the intriguing world of car platforms, and the complexity of money value. Discover the latest developments in Big Tech and technology at la...

Cold Tech Wars: US-China & Apple’s 30% Cut


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  31-08-2020

Journey through the ‘Cold Online War’ between the US and China and delve into the corporate clash between Epic Games and Apple over Apple’s 30% cut on In-App Purchases. Understand the implications for the tech industry and virtual worlds. ????Ep. 2 shownotes ????

Digital Debut: Virtuality & TikTok Takeover


Digital Dialogues | Technosoof  /  10-08-2020

Explore TikTok’s impact on virtual spaces with hosts Mike and Ronald in our debut episode. Dive into the intersection of technology and philosophy as they begin their journey of knowledge sharing. ???? Ep.1 shownotes ????