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A podcast for us, by us. At Talksik, Jazzy and Zed from Soul’Art have an open conversation with fellow artists. They talk about the ups and downs of their artistic careers and the challenges we face in our society. This project was made possible with the support of the Flemish Journalism Fund / Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds.

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TALKSIK 5: NEW ATL about artists supporting social change, future dreams and open relationships


Talksik  /  25-11-2020

In our fifth episode of Talksik, New ATL blesses us with a visit. He shares the story behind his artist name, his dreams for the future, and his opinion on open relationships. He explains how artists can use not only their social media and actions but also their art to support social change. New ATL...

Talksik 4: Ikraaan talks about the social responsibility of artists, BLM & loneliness


Talksik  /  19-10-2020

In our fourth episode of Talksik, Ikraaan talks about how she wants to shine a light on mental issues and how her friends and music helped her to cope with trauma. Further on, she elaborates on BPOC in the Belgian music industry and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Talksik 3: Bringhim talks about depression & anger management


Talksik  /  30-07-2020

In this third episode of Talksik, Bringhim talks about not releasing a video for 3 years, depression, anger management and why a horse is his spirit animal. He also taps into the early days of his career when Rudy from radio Viva in Asse gave him his first recording opportunity. Host: Jazzy Bench. C...

Talksik 2: Dyce on the love he gets from Russia and much more...


Talksik  /  23-05-2020

In the second episode of our Talksik podcast, Dyce explains how a review of his ‘Race’ video clip by Russian game vlogger Tyler, got him an engaged Russian audience. Tune in to find out more about this promising artist who prefers Lil Wayne over Pusha T when it comes to bars and currently swears...

Talksik 1: Serine Ayari on building her international career


Talksik  /  17-03-2020

In this episode Belgian comedian Serine Ayari talks about how she’s building her international career, why comedians should write their own jokes and much more.  From doing stand-ups in front of only 2 people to getting props from Bill Burr, Serine is a Belgian comedy talent to pay attention to....